This is a lot more complex than just introducing a boy to a girl. We invest a lot of time and money to ensure that the pedigrees(the dogs parent’s and grandparents) meet the criteria we have for a breeding animal. We pair potential mother and fathers on paper first to get a visual of what this mating could potentially produce.

Pedigree example;

This is the pedigree of Kona – Satika N Sunojo’s Home Brewed

**While we are extremely active in the conformation show ring, and plan our breedings to produce the next generation of champions, we have never faltered from our principles in selecting only the best breeding stock:

Temperament: All our dogs must be mentally sound, human oriented, and a pleasure to be around. Doesn’t matter how pretty they are if you can’t live with them!

Health: The breed is robust and generally healthy – BUT there can be hip, knee, heart and eye problems. Reputable breeders screen for these problems using proven veterinary methods (xray, opthomology, etc.). A clean bill of health, while necessary, does not preclude hidden problems, and is no proof of a dog’s genetic makeup. Hip, patella and eye certifications are issued by the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals).
Soundness: This is the dog’s physical structure, and how well it performs its function of moving a dog from Point A to Point B. The Shiba was developed as an all-day hunter – they should be able to run effortlessly and seemingly tirelessly. A dog with legs of incorrect proportion (too long, too short) will tire sooner. Legs that are not straight are prone to injury. Elbows that do not fit properly against the ribcage have too much pressure on them, and will develop arthritis. Too long a back means a weak back, and corresponding muscle issues. There are numerous other concerns, but it boils down to Mother Nature is not happy with an animal that cannot run, hunt, jump for its dinner (even when we humans supply dinner on a gold plate!).
Now that part is fairly straightforward – “type” is where fanciers differ in their opinion. I very much appreciate the aesthetics of Japanese type, and attempt to follow the Japanese guidelines, while adhering strictly to our Standards.

We discriminate against:

  • round and/or light eyes
  • large, thin, upright ears
  • loose skin, wrinkles
  • overdone bodies, too much mass

We select for:

  • dark, triangular, oblique eyes
  • well filled – in muzzle
  • thick, well furred ears
  • clear coloured coats, with definite guardhairs
  • well proportioned bodies – not short legged nor long bodied
  • full and correct dentition

We do not breed every bitch, every season – it depends on the girls’ show schedule, what males are available, time of year and other factors.

Our puppies are born where we can keep an eye on them constantly, and spend their first 9 weeks underfoot or carried around.

It is essential that Shiba puppies learn to trust humans, and this is done by lots of contact in the first few weeks of life. This is still a primitive breed, and their first instinct is to avoid everything that is not “mom”. So it is our job to teach the puppies that humans are pretty wonderful friends – we bring food, warmth, and are good cuddlers!

** excerpt from Sunojo’s website