At Satika Kennels we pride ourselves on producing puppies and adults that are healthy in mind and body.

In today’s busy and often stressful world it is even more important to feed your dog a good diet and be informed about current issues that can put your dog at risk.
We support an organic approach to our dog’s welfare incorporating both traditional and non traditional methods of wellness.

We highly recommend using the following protocol when vaccinating our puppies.

Vaccinations are a necessary part of keeping our dogs healthy for life but sometimes dogs are over vaccinated or are vaccinated at times when they can become sensitive to the vaccine causing a condition called vaccinosis. This is a term for the adverse reactions that dogs can experience after vaccinations.

We follow the above protocol to reduce the impact of the vaccines on our dog’s health as well we use the product anti-vaccinosis by Adored Beast to remove negative toxins that are left behind from the vaccine.